HKBuzz Proof Of Payment

Posted by admin | Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just got our first payment from HKBuzz and it took only 3 days thru Paypal! For Standard members it was supposed to be 10 days but we have received the payment 3 days after. Its instant payment For Premium members!

Link and Traffic Exchange Sites

Posted by admin | Saturday, October 24, 2009

Whether you want to promote your website, blog, banner or linkads, the following  Manual and Suto-surf sites can be very helpful in your campaigns.

Manual Surf Sites 


Auto-surf Sites

Payment Received from!

Posted by admin | Monday, October 19, 2009

Well as we all know there's nothing new with posting Neobux proofs of payment but for record purposes, we're posting one of the payments that we have with Neobux. And it was instant!

JPHF Matrix

Posted by admin | Friday, October 09, 2009

JPHF is Multi Level Marketing type of site. Now for those who are new to making money online, we advised to take caution in joining sites that requires you to pay. Paid to Click campaigns are a good start but if you have made your research and feels that a site is legit and would want to pursue earning money online, then you may add JPHF Matrix from your list of sites.

Site Overview

1. There are Proof of payments:
2. They have the SSL Certificate and "Site Trust Network" Seal for added security of the site.
3. Members can address issues through their Forum which is a good sign for a site.
4. Register now and be a BRONZE MEMBER for free for a lifetime. (As of October 8, 2009)

1. Site has Forced Matrix where you have to pay $3 for the registration but return of investment is very feasible.
2. Site created June 11, 2009 and seems to have a long way to go to prove its legitimacy.

So we have concluded that this site is legit and looks like we could give it a try. Please let us know if you have negative or positive feedback about this site as we will also post further updates if anything changes in the future.

Posted by admin | Friday, October 09, 2009

Pure2X2 is a brand new income generator that will put money back in your pocket fast, and build you a powerful residual income. Designed to help anyone participate in the fast growing area of Online Home-Business, it is both effective and powerful, and its easy to operate.

Here is why you should really consider joining.

The Pure2x2 System is a Dual Mode Matrix System

» Six 2x2 Follow-Me Recycling Matrices.

Each 2x2 takes just 6 entries to cycle.

Cycle payouts of $16, $40, $90, $200, $450 and $1000!

Automatic reentry into the next tier 2x2 cycler.


» A 2x16 Activity Bonus Matrix
Purchase Bonuses - for every 2x2 cycler position taken and Cycling Bonuses - for every 2x2 position cycled, bonuses are paid up to 16 levels in the bonus matrix. This alone could make you a fortune.

Instant payouts. We pay through AlertPay. Once you have earned, you can withdraw immediately, no limits, no waiting.

Real, usable products. Over 5gb of Digital products in the Webstore. Build your own PLR / Master / Resale Rights collection.
Scripts, software, tools. Double Opt-in leads Packages. Solo Ads, Text ads. Banner ads.

Your own replicated website just like this one, to introduce the System on your behalf. Automated follow ups, reminders and updates.

Full backoffice with realtime and historical reporting. Keep track of your entries, downline, earnings. Tools to get the most out of your marketing, for tracking, cloaking, mail blasting.

Action Plan and Marketing Strategies to follow. Techniques, ideas, resources. Prewritten scripts, ads, banners, squeeze pages, optin pages.

»Low! Low! Price - Get started today with an initial purchase of just $6.00!

currently accepts: Alertpay