Paid by Neobux again!

Posted by admin | Thursday, November 05, 2009

Well it's not much of a surprise but we got paid by neobux again. Check out this Payment proof!

Proof of Payments

Posted by admin | Wednesday, November 04, 2009

PTC Sites

1. Bux36
2. HKBuzz
3. Neobux
4. Orangebizs
5. SVBux 
6. Upbux

Been Paid by

Posted by admin | Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Here's my payment prooof from!

HKBuzz Proof Of Payment

Posted by admin | Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just got our first payment from HKBuzz and it took only 3 days thru Paypal! For Standard members it was supposed to be 10 days but we have received the payment 3 days after. Its instant payment For Premium members!

Link and Traffic Exchange Sites

Posted by admin | Saturday, October 24, 2009

Whether you want to promote your website, blog, banner or linkads, the following  Manual and Suto-surf sites can be very helpful in your campaigns.

Manual Surf Sites 


Auto-surf Sites

Payment Received from!

Posted by admin | Monday, October 19, 2009

Well as we all know there's nothing new with posting Neobux proofs of payment but for record purposes, we're posting one of the payments that we have with Neobux. And it was instant!

JPHF Matrix

Posted by admin | Friday, October 09, 2009

JPHF is Multi Level Marketing type of site. Now for those who are new to making money online, we advised to take caution in joining sites that requires you to pay. Paid to Click campaigns are a good start but if you have made your research and feels that a site is legit and would want to pursue earning money online, then you may add JPHF Matrix from your list of sites.

Site Overview

1. There are Proof of payments:
2. They have the SSL Certificate and "Site Trust Network" Seal for added security of the site.
3. Members can address issues through their Forum which is a good sign for a site.
4. Register now and be a BRONZE MEMBER for free for a lifetime. (As of October 8, 2009)

1. Site has Forced Matrix where you have to pay $3 for the registration but return of investment is very feasible.
2. Site created June 11, 2009 and seems to have a long way to go to prove its legitimacy.

So we have concluded that this site is legit and looks like we could give it a try. Please let us know if you have negative or positive feedback about this site as we will also post further updates if anything changes in the future.

Posted by admin | Friday, October 09, 2009

Pure2X2 is a brand new income generator that will put money back in your pocket fast, and build you a powerful residual income. Designed to help anyone participate in the fast growing area of Online Home-Business, it is both effective and powerful, and its easy to operate.

Here is why you should really consider joining.

The Pure2x2 System is a Dual Mode Matrix System

» Six 2x2 Follow-Me Recycling Matrices.

Each 2x2 takes just 6 entries to cycle.

Cycle payouts of $16, $40, $90, $200, $450 and $1000!

Automatic reentry into the next tier 2x2 cycler.


» A 2x16 Activity Bonus Matrix
Purchase Bonuses - for every 2x2 cycler position taken and Cycling Bonuses - for every 2x2 position cycled, bonuses are paid up to 16 levels in the bonus matrix. This alone could make you a fortune.

Instant payouts. We pay through AlertPay. Once you have earned, you can withdraw immediately, no limits, no waiting.

Real, usable products. Over 5gb of Digital products in the Webstore. Build your own PLR / Master / Resale Rights collection.
Scripts, software, tools. Double Opt-in leads Packages. Solo Ads, Text ads. Banner ads.

Your own replicated website just like this one, to introduce the System on your behalf. Automated follow ups, reminders and updates.

Full backoffice with realtime and historical reporting. Keep track of your entries, downline, earnings. Tools to get the most out of your marketing, for tracking, cloaking, mail blasting.

Action Plan and Marketing Strategies to follow. Techniques, ideas, resources. Prewritten scripts, ads, banners, squeeze pages, optin pages.

»Low! Low! Price - Get started today with an initial purchase of just $6.00!

currently accepts: Alertpay

Extensive Caregiver Course for 1 week!

Posted by admin | Saturday, September 19, 2009

Can't afford to take the 6 months Caregiving Course and the high tuition fees?
Are you a graduate of:
Nursing, Physical Theraphy, Midwifery, Practical Nursing, Nursing Assitant/Caregiver or any 4 year course?

Then take the
TESDA Assessment for Caregiver
National Certificate (NCII)
A competency assessment evaluation both demonstration skills and oral interview

We offer Enhancement Program for 1 week to help you pass the Tesda Evaluation!
Yes you heard it right not 6 months but 1 week and you're one step away for a great caregiving opportunity abroad!

For details please contact
Ms. Annie
Manilaphil Skills Institute, Inc
Accredited by Tesda

Hurry Limited Slots only!!!

EFCC busts some Nigerian Scammers

Posted by admin | Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hi this is brownfox again. If you receive the email below please do not reply for your own sake. This is one clear example of "Advance Fee Fraud". Another common name is "419 fraud" after Section 419 of the Nigerian Penal code, the section that specifically prohibits this type of crime. The people behind this scam are the same crooks behind the infamous Nigerian Scams. This letter is an invitation for an employment program to work abroad and the salary offer is $4,000 among other benefits. If you reply to this email you will be asked for a fee for the processing of the papers and if you pay, another fee will come up until you run out of money but in the end you will never get the job because the company never existed at all.

This job vacancy was actually posted last week at and the ad ran for a week until it was removed by the job posting website. The ad was supposedly under Primeword Manpower Agency and upon checking its status, it has a good standing at POEA so I thought the job was legit. The final interview of the so-called "employer" will be this week since if you get hired you will start March 20,2009. If you applied thru their website you will be asked to send your personal details and even a scanned passport and they will immediatley send you this "JOB INTERVIEW QUESTIONS":

Thanks For Your Response To Our Advert And Information Forwarded, Having Accessed Your Application Forwarded To Our Office For Job Placement, We Writes To Inform You That Your Application For Work Has Been Received And Reviewed For Possible Consideration Of Job Here In Our Company.

Kindly Note The Following Details And Also Answer The Below Interviews Questions

(A) Air Ticket / Provided By Global Logistics Ltd
(B) Visa / Provided By Global Logistics Ltd
(C) Work Permit / Provided By Global Logistics Ltd
(D) Accommodation / Provided By Global Logistics Ltd
(E) Feeding / Provided By Global Logistics Ltd
(F) Medical / Provided By Global Logistics Ltd
(G) Insurance / Provided By Global Logistics Ltd

(H) Contract Duration : One (1)Year -Two (2) Years. And One Way Economy Class Ticket Will Be Provided To Applicant’s Country Of Origin Upon Completion Of One Or Two Years Of Service..

(I) Two (2) Months Contract Advance Payment Salary Will Be Paid To Applicant Before Arrival For Work, This Payment Provision Is Rendered To Help Applicant Settled His/Her Outstanding Debts Before Leaving For Work Abroad.

(J) Applicant Will Be Required To Sign Our Specimen Contract Form And Also Pay 299 Us$ (Two Hundred & Ninety Nine United States Dollars only )For Application Registration & Processing Fee Which Is Refundable 48hrs Upon Arrival For Work With A Proof Of Payment Receipt Copy..Please,If You Know That You Can't Afford To Pay 299 USD Application Registration Processing Fee,Please Do Not Reply Or Answer Our Interview Questions
Kindly Re-Confirm Us Once Again Below Informations As A Requirement For The Job And Visa Processing.
1) Full Name
2) Valid International Passport Number:
3) Job Post Applying For :
4) Nationality:
5) Scan Copy Of Passport Photograph Recently Taken And Send Through Our Email Attachment And Answer The Below Interview Immediately.

1. Who Is Your Present Or Most Recent Employer?
2. What Do You Like Best About This Position?
3. Which Accomplishments In Your Present Position Are You Proud Of And Why?
4. Give Me Some Examples Of Past Working Experience That You Have Found Personally Satisfying.
5. What Are Some Recent Responsibilities You Have Taken On? Why Did You Assume These Responsibilities?
6. How Much Do You Earn Monthly (In Usd).
7. Tell Me About A Time When The Duties And Responsibilities Available In A Specific Position Overlapped With Duties And Responsibilities That Brought You Personal Satisfaction?
8. What Job Values Are Important To You?
9..Do You Have Uk-Visa ?
10.If We Employed You, Are You Ready To Relocate To Your Job Placement Within 25 Days?
11.Please Provide Us With Contact Details Of People To Contact Regarding Your Capabilities.
Please Get Back To Us Immediately Or Call To Confirm Because Only Successful Applicants Will Be Contacted After This Stage With An Appointment & Specimen Employment Letter.

Kind regards
Mrs. Gabriel Geneva.
Director of Employment
Global Logistics & Shipping Trading Co,Ltd
14/17 Skylines Village, Limeharbour, London, , E14 9TS .
Tel: +44 (0) 7031884984 +44 7031887534
Tel:+ 44 (0) 8715039512 Fax: + 44 (0) 8704956686

"PTC or other Get Paid to" Legit Sites

Posted by admin | Thursday, August 20, 2009

We all know that PTC sites and other Get Paid to programs just come and go and before you know it the site that you have been busy clicking the ads to is already a Scam Site. This is list is updated daily and if a site turns out to be a scam, it is automatically removed from the list.
Here are the trusted sites that I have joined and active so far with the corresponding referral id:



Affiliate Program | Multi Level Marketing
1.JPHF Matrix joined under onlynbiz for added 8-22-09

Submit a Scam Site

Posted by admin | Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Please be aware of the following reasons why a PTC site has been marked as scam.
Some indications that it was tagged are:

1. Too many complaints from their members and other Anti-Scam sites.
2. No forums. This means that the owner of the site is not open to feedback and member complaints.
3. Unstable site visibility. Always having a system maintenance or intermittent bug issues.
4. Has been owned by a previous scammer.
5. Overpriced ads (Ex: $1000 per ad or email).
6. Not paying its members.
7. Who is private- Owners hiding its identity

Please check this update regularly for newly added scam sites.

Disclaimer: Sites that we include in our scam lists are based on the criteria listed above and those that are submitted to us. If you found a site, PTC or not, or you have been scammed please let us know by submitting it through our comment form or email us at We may not stop scammers completely but keeping our community well informed is the least we can do.

We also encourage those who wish to venture from this money making campaign to conduct their own investigation before joining the site that we recommend or unsubscribing to sites that we listed as scam. These results are based on kerword searches that we conduct using Google via website name or website name + "scam" or through "who is" searches and are to be used as reference only. We also use Web of Trust as an online tool to search for member comments and you may register by following this link: .

Click the banner below to join:

For Members:
$ Membership with this site is totally free
$ No-Minimum Weekly Payout By PayPal!
$ $1.01 Payout By AlertPay Within 72 Hours
$ Paid To Promote up to $0.88/CPM for Upgraded Members(Middle or Higher)
$ Search Email worth 0.25 - 0.5 Cents optin only
$ All Cash Email and PTC worth 0.1 - 1 Cents
$ PTP ads worth 0.02 - 0.04 Cents optin only
$ Point ads Worth 8 - 20 Points optin only
$ Points are used to Upgrade,Trade or Redeem Ads
$ Paid To Signup offers worth $0.1 to $10
$ International Members are Welcome(Must Understand English)
$ 4 Referral levels of commission under you --- 7%,3%,1%,1%
$ No Activity Requirement to earn from downline
$ Member using Proxy or Cheating our system will be DELETED no exception

For Advertisers:
+ The most cost effective advertising
+ Guaranteed Clickthru Ad Options
+ Email Advertising or Banner Advertising
+ 100% OPT IN Advertising, NO SPAM
+ Inactive members are deleted every 7 days
+ Cheaters are deleted Daily
+ Track your campaigns with real time statistics
+ Reliable, Friendly Service
+ Ad usually be processed within 24 Hours

Online Resources

Posted by admin | Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trade links with Antiscampaign and share our resources by adding these links on your blogs or site as well:
Philippine Call Center Directory - lists of Call Centers in the Philippines
Antiscampaign - General discussions on different kind of frauds and scams in and out of the web

Add a linkback to us by submitting your site details indicating a short decription of your site or blog by posting a comment below and wait at least 24-48 hrs. before your site is added to our Partner Links. You may also suggest which category should your blogs or site be included.

Business|Earning Opportunities|Make Money online - Ad Revenue Sharing Forum
How A Pinay Makes Money Online Site
How A Pinay Makes Money Online Blog
Pinoydeal Income For Life
Redamethyst's Blog-my quest to online earnings
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Magkaperaonline - Creating an income Online
liljammerz blog - Learning While Earning
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Philippine Call Center Directory
Online Job that pays at oDesk

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Etuckram's Blog-My Journey to Six-Pack Abs

Inspirational and Personal Blogs|Social Networking
Dahlchie's Blog - a simple girl who loves to share her interests
Yuuki's blog -"It's Not Always About Me"
Emie's Blog -When My Mind Try To Speak
Annamonique's Blog -Struggling Blog of a Struggling Blogger
Yuuki's Blog - Scientific Blabber

Tennis world - is a place where we talk tennis

Unique's Blog

Hi everyone! For those who are interested or curios about Paid To Click or Paid to surf sites, below are collection of PTC and PTR sites that you might be interested in. These are recently posted so there are no guarantees that all of these are paying sites but most of them have made their reputation and have made positive feedbacks and reviews. If there are non-paying or scam sites it will be immediately posted here so be sure to Follow or visit our blog for further updates. If you think that any of these sites are a scam please don't hesitate to let us know about it so we could place it on our Scam List to protect our visitors as well.
The concept of PTC is simple: You click the advertisements and you get paid by doing so. Easy right? Well, maybe yes and maybe not. Most sites pay you like $.01 for every click you made and sometimes the available ads are limited. Most sites displays 4 or 6 ads a day so you'll get around $.04 just for one site. Not unless you upgrade to a premium account as the number of available ads per day will increase so as your earnings.
The success of PTC is not achieved by your effort alone. I've seen some online moneymakers that earned and still are earning in this program. The key to success sa PTC is thru referral either by renting or promoting the PTC site/s.

Get this: If a paying PTC site, and I mean paying PTC site, would give you $.01 for every click and the available ad everyday is 4 ads then you'll get $.04 everyday x 7 and you'll get $.28 every week and x4 again and you'll get $1.12 a month then x12 and you'll get roughly $13.44 a year or let's just say lower than that since there will always be idle days or months. This is just for free or standard member and I would say that's not bad for just clicking ads and staying online which you normally do or part of your job or lifestyle.
But let's just say you're one those who are very active online and has at least 500 direct referrals out of the millions and billions internet users everyday and and are also active in clicking ads so $13.44x500 would give you $6-6720 a year, that is if you have established your online network.

Now I would spend all day computing and adding figures but I think you all know the gist of what I'm trying to say. Don't concentrate on just 1 or 2 PTC sites, if possible you can promote at least 10 or more sites and refer it to others to increase your chances of earning.Best of luck and happy earning online guys!
$2 payout. 80% referral earnings. Lots of contests!
Displays at least 18 ads a day.
You Can Only Visit One Site At A Time
You MUST Click The Correct Button After The Timer Runs Out
15 Second Timer (Auto) - 10 Second Timer (Manual)
5000 FREE CREDITS are given to all New Members
Earn monthly paychecks viewing ads. Advertising that pays as seen on TV.
Free text ads and Pay it forward system. Great site to expose your referral links to get referrals and traffic for your site. Get paid to view ads as well.
Earn up to $0.03 per referral click !
$0.01 per click
Recommended PTC Site
Minimum payout is at $10.00.
Earn $0.0100 per click
Earn $0.0125 per referral click
Earn up to $0.02 per click
Earn up to $0.01 for every ads your referrals click
Earn $0.05 per click !
Earn up to $0.03 per referral click!
$0.01 per click
$0.005 per referral click
You click 10 ads per day = $0.10 ($0.125 GOLD user)
30 referrals click 10 ads per day = $1.50 ($2.25 GOLD user)
Earn up to $0.05 per click
Earn up to $0.03 per referral click
Earn up to $0.05 per click
Earn up to $0.03 per referral click
$0.005 per click. $0.0025 per ref click. $10 min cashout thru alertpay. 5 days cashout. 6 ads per day. 200 ref limit.
$0.01 per click. $0.005 per ref click. $2 min cashout thru alertpay. instant cashout. 4 ads per day. 200 ref limit.
Traffic Exchange Site. Click. View. Earn Credits. Use credits to promote and expose referral links to gather more referrals.
Traffic Exchange Site. Click. View. Earn Credits. Use credits to promote and expose referral links to gather more referrals.
Your 1:1 Traffic Exchange
Traffic Exchange Site. Click. View. Earn Credits. Use credits to promote and expose referral links to gather more referrals.

Traffic Exchange Site. Click. View. Earn Credits. Use credits to promote and expose referral links to gather more referrals.
21-30 No Minimum Payout
Paid to read emails. $1 min cashout thru alertpay. 15 day cashout. 50 ads per day. unlimited ref limit.
$0.01 per click. $0.005 per ref click. $5 min cashout thru alertpay. instant cashouts. 5 ads per day. 200 ref limit.
$0.01 per click. $0.004 per ref click. $5.50 min cashout thru alertpay. 14 days cashout. 5 ads per day.
$0.01 per click. $0.003 per ref click. $1 min cashout thru alertpay. 15 business days cashout. 6 ads per day. 300 ref limit.
GPTBank: Maximize Your Earnings
$0.01 per click. $0.005 per ref click. $5 min cashout thru alertpay. 5 days cashouts. 4 ads per day. 250 ref limit.
$0.01 per click. $0.0025 per ref click. $2 min cashout thru alertpay. instant cashouts. 10 ads per day. 600 ref limit.
PTC sites
$0.002 per click. $0.002 per ref click. $2 min cashout thru alertpay. instant cashouts. 4 ads per day. 300 ref limit. NO ADS PRE-LAUNCH.
Join Instant PTC
arn up to $0.01 per click and $0.005 for every referral click.
$ No-Minimum Weekly Payout By PayPal
$ $1.01 Payout By AlertPay Within 72 Hours
$ Paid To Promote up to $0.88/CPM for Upgraded Members(Middle or Higher)

Top 10 Internet Scams

Posted by admin | Sunday, June 21, 2009

Net Surfers Beware: Surf at your risk, after all it pays to be careful and well-informed.
And the list goes on...

1.) The Nigerian scam, also known as 419
2.) Advanced fees paid for a guaranteed loan or credit card
3.) Lottery scams
4.) Phishing emails and phony web pages
5.) Items for sale overpayment scam
6.) Employment scams
7.) Disaster relief scams
8.) Travel scams
9.) "Make Money Fast" chain emails
10.) "Turn Your Computer Into a Money-Making Machine!"

Hope this help lessen the victim of internet scams. Happy surfing!