Submit a Scam Site

Posted by admin | Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Please be aware of the following reasons why a PTC site has been marked as scam.
Some indications that it was tagged are:

1. Too many complaints from their members and other Anti-Scam sites.
2. No forums. This means that the owner of the site is not open to feedback and member complaints.
3. Unstable site visibility. Always having a system maintenance or intermittent bug issues.
4. Has been owned by a previous scammer.
5. Overpriced ads (Ex: $1000 per ad or email).
6. Not paying its members.
7. Who is private- Owners hiding its identity

Please check this update regularly for newly added scam sites.

Disclaimer: Sites that we include in our scam lists are based on the criteria listed above and those that are submitted to us. If you found a site, PTC or not, or you have been scammed please let us know by submitting it through our comment form or email us at We may not stop scammers completely but keeping our community well informed is the least we can do.

We also encourage those who wish to venture from this money making campaign to conduct their own investigation before joining the site that we recommend or unsubscribing to sites that we listed as scam. These results are based on kerword searches that we conduct using Google via website name or website name + "scam" or through "who is" searches and are to be used as reference only. We also use Web of Trust as an online tool to search for member comments and you may register by following this link: .